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Aerial North Miami FL, A1A Popcorn Ceiling Removal

When it comes to homes and property, many things can affect the price and value of your home. The materials, additions like pools and patios, and the type of roofing and area are all big points. There is, however, one point that many new or older property holders might not know about Popcorn ceilings. Lucky for you though, the best Popcorn Removal North Miami specialists are here to help.

Popcorn ceilings, also known as “acoustic ceilings”, were a massive trend during the mid-1900s. They could be seen all over America and beyond in their heyday. In fact, many homes across America and the world at large still have them and that is not a good thing. A popcorn ceiling is widely considered a probable health hazard and can heavily damage a property’s value. There is a likelihood to sell and here is why hiring popcorn removal experts in North Miami is so important.

Why it’s so dangerous

Back in its prime, there was much less understanding of chemicals and the dangers they posed to both people and the environment. Because of this, many chemicals and products that would never be sold today were sold wholesale across the globe and popcorn ceilings at the time contained one of these: Asbestos.

Nowadays, many people are fully aware of asbestos’s danger or at least are at least aware to not mess with it. Now linked to respiratory and chronic health damage, asbestos is widely banned from commercial and general public use. Back then, though, it was a key ingredient in popcorn ceilings for its color and texture. Its use in paints and commercial products happened with the introduction of the Clean Airs Act.

Why remove them?

If paints with asbestos were widely banned decades ago, why should we worry about them today you might ask? Well, while the production of asbestos products was quickly affected, the usage of stocks with it wasn’t. As such, it is difficult to pinpoint which ceilings are safe and which are not without proper testing, and next to the health, there are plenty of reasons for popcorn ceiling removal North Miami experts to check it out.

They drastically affect the property you hold, especially if you are wishing to sell or wanting to rent. Not only do insurers hate them, but so do agencies. In fact, they hate it so much, not only for the tacky appearance and loss of appeal, they lower your home’s priority on the sales list until it’s dealt with.

People, especially those in upper or more modern areas, prefer fresher looks and if your home is hit with the “DATED” tag, well it just got a lot harder to sell. A smoother finish means a smoother sale in most cases, and having any popcorn ceilings removed is one of the cheapest, best home investments you can make.

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