A pop-corn ceiling also reduces the resale value of your home. The good news is that at Fresh Coat Painters, with the professional popcorn removal services from our staff, we will modernize them. Completing the removal of a popcorn ceiling will not take weeks nor will you have to leave your home during the process. popcorn ceiling removal boynton beach fl will help you execute your decorative vision on time and on budget, so that you can return to enjoy your home in almost no time.

Popcorn ceiling has been an incredibly popular choice for home decoration for many years. Providing homeowners with a solution that disguises imperfections without losing quality acoustics. Nowadays a popcorn ceiling can make a room look old-fashioned and obsolete. And many looking to update their homes have become a necessity to remove. This is particularly true of homeowners who trying to sell their homes. In an increasingly competitive market, as those who just bought a fixer-upper and looking to make it theirs.

In addition to the finish, popcorn ceiling can be difficult to clean and maintain. The material accumulates dust and cobwebs quickly, which is particularly problematic in homes. With high ceilings which are difficult to reach. That is why many homeowners opt for popcorn ceiling removal services to achieve a cleaner, more modern finish for their home ceilings. The team offers the service, with all the professionalism and attention to detail that the customers have come to expect.

popcorn ceiling removal boynton beach fl

We’ll explain why you should NEVER lower your own popcorn ceilings.  If you can, this does not even mean that you will. It of great overall significance the popcorn ceilings removed and cleaned properly.

Watch the short video and you’ll see why we think it’s a good idea to leave it to the pros. So what if their ceilings contain asbestos? The work must be carried out by a licensed asbestos abatement company. The company will do the immediate removal of asbestos from your ceilings. You will also check the air quality in your home to ensure asbestos residues eliminated and contaminants do not endanger your health.

Usually, it will take less than a day to extract the asbestos from your whole home. One reason popcorn ceilings became so popular back when the imperfections within the ceiling were very well hidden.  Therefore contractors know very little work had to be done at the ceiling before spraying the stuff. You will come to realize that once the popcorn ceilings have been washed, scraped and replaced. The new ceiling will need to be refinished, textured and painted.

We dedicated to helping you make the best possible decision. Request a free estimate below and we’ll go through the process with you. To find the right solution for fixing or improving your ceiling job.