Riviera Beach residents find Popcorn ceilings not only date a room, they also collect dust and cobwebs and are difficult to clean. The ceilings that lift a room’s size. Removal is particularly important when selling a residence because the perceived value can be diminished by popcorn ceilings. Another common reason for removal is that residents want to give the interior of their house a more contemporary look. popcorn ceiling removal riviera beach begin by scraping the popcorn and then skim smooth / slick / spray for knockdown. We can also carry out minor drywall repairs free of charge. But if the work needs to be extensive, for an extra charge, we provide a complete drywall repair service up front. 

A knockdown texture is not just a standard product that can be applied to your walls and ceilings. It is also one of the most affordable improvements made to the home not only easily but also accessible. For a home that is completely furnished or empty, we do everything we can to ensure the safety and cleanliness of your home and other furniture. It is by ensuring that we continue our work and ensuring that all of these are in place.

popcorn ceiling removal riviera beach

Do not make the mistake of choosing the wrong person to do such a job.

We are preparing your room to start the popcorn ceiling removal process. After removing all the furniture and processions, we plan the room from one room at a time. Then the whole room is sealed off with plastic sheets from the crown molding. We set up fans in the windows for additional ventilation and install a waterproof concrete backup.

These are the important steps of our procedures that help to keep your home safe throughout the removal service. Once we have prepared your room, we spray small areas of your ceiling with a simple garden sprayer. The ceiling will be weakened and the relation between popcorn texture and ceiling will be broken. Our specialists will work in small areas at a time so that there is no room for the water to sink into your roof and your house will not be harmed by water.

First, we use special tools to scarp the ceiling’s popcorn layer. This is a mess, but we promise you there will be no damage to your home’s walls and floors. Once you have removed the entire popcorn coating from your ceiling. Our experts will seal your left over the ceiling. Or use our customized ceiling services to create unique look for your home. Building one’s house takes time, but maintaining it takes a lot longer, particularly if the homeowner is clueless about how to keep it. Most homeowners have no experience with simple home repairs and will not be able to identify potential home issues until the damage is evident.

This is what we are known for for years of honest commitment to providing quality home repair and remodeling services.