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Using the highest quality materials, we specialize in interior and exterior painting, minor carpentry repairs, removal of wallpaper and texture work.

Besides working directly with commercial and residential property owners, we also work closely with builders, interior designers, architects and other contractors. We are going to smoothly implement the project.

Popcorn Ceiling Removal Pompano Beach

Acoustic or popcorn, as it is called, is mixed with water with small pellets of styrofoam. There are problems on your ceilings with having this type of texture. Once struck, it flakes away, yellowing in the sunlight over time.  Without the possibility the ceiling will fall throughout the building, you can’t paint it, plus it’s an old look.

Know that you have trusted experts who provide estimates to clear the ceilings of popcorn. Our network of professional artists has many years of expertise. When thinking about forecasts, you should write full customer feedback.

Our Popcorn Ceiling Removal painting providers are able to handle all initiatives, from large to small, and provide guidance on removing the popcorn ceiling. We’ll help facilitate the process by finding the right people for your job.


Our painting professionals are able to remove popcorn and are able to complete the job easily and cost-effectively. Both floors and furniture will be removed, leaving behind only beautiful new ceilings.

 Our professional painters are sure to protect your assets and take care of this messy work very quickly and cost-effectively. We will provide a fair quote and complete the job within a reasonable time frame. After removing the popcorn, we will re-texture your ceiling to a more modern style of your choice. You’re going to be pleased with your new, modern-looking ceiling!