popcorn ceiling removal cutler bay: Popcorn ceilings, they were created by spraying a special plaster mixture onto the ceiling or by hand-plastering and dimpling for effect in the case of texture with a sponge or some other tool. They’re yellow over time, with smokers and age in particular in the house. Nevertheless, painting over the ceiling of popcorn is messy, and there are often dust and other contaminants stuck there — spider and cobwebs.

And if repairs such as repairing a leak or moving a light fixture are ever needed, it’s almost impossible to match the finish.  Today they have become a dream that needs to be done. Our seasoned popcorn removal team takes pride in their work to ensure the optimum quality and smoothness of your ceiling. We provide customer service that meets a stucco contractor’s requirements. We are so sure that the stucco removal services we offer do not require payment in advance.

popcorn ceiling removal cutler bay

We assume there is no need for payment if you are not 100% satisfied. We take a number of steps to ensure your home, furniture and belongings are safe. Plastic floor cover for the safety of hardwood floors and wall and carpet padding. We also cover / close vents to prevent dust and debris from spreading.  We’re proud to keep your home the same as we did before we began! If you need the popcorn ceilings that are gone, we have a kit to meet your budget. Both buyers will be provided with a detailed explanation of the job description and they will be taken through the final phase to ensure 100% customer satisfaction.

We don’t need any deposits, and for all our work we give a 2-year guarantee. We are so confident of the efficiency of our workmanship! When you start your work, we’re there every day until the job is finished. We respect your time and make the project the highest priority of a painless and smooth operation. In your initial consultation, you will provide multiple suggestions for solutions to fulfill your needs. We know that each consumer has different expectations. We make sure that after answering your questions in the first walk, we provide you with the best package to fulfill your needs and budget.

Many owners reshape their homes, condos, or apartment buildings to provide their ceilings with a sleek, modern design. The decision is not just about trends in trendy construction; there are many other benefits to removing popcorn ceiling. Our skilled team transforms a ceiling of stucco popcorn into sleek ceiling with a perfect finish. You can also contact us for more details on acoustic popcorn ceiling removal services and their cost, or you can apply for our useful ceiling removal services.