Been around for 20 Years

Popcorn Ceiling Removal Miami has been removed for more than 20 years, and popcorn walls were supposed to have been a noise deterrent in the 1950s. They have been told to eliminate or decrease your ceiling noise and to maintain your households louder.

They were really used to hide bad drywall holes in the roof and at the start of the building they were fast and simple to use. Popcorn walls now mark your house with its crunchy texture and possibly bring you into asbestos poisoning.

While it may look easy to knock some cake off from above, it’s an extensive method that can be hazardous if you have (not all) asbestos in your walls. The first stage is to take a sample of your roof and test for asbestos to a specialist laboratory. So you understand how carefully you have to take when the popcorn ceiling is lifted.

We Extract Most Items

The best way to remove your popcorn walls is to call a specialist, such as an A1A Popcorn ceiling removal. We will enter and extract your popcorn walls quickly, keeping you safe from blemishes with a blank canvas ceiling and snack food.

Although removing the ancient theater ceilings requires plenty of rain, we bring care to safeguard your property and all your furnishings, surfaces and walls. To safeguard against sea harm, we extract most of your lamp switches and cover all electric supplies.

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Popcorn ceiling removal services can, in some cases, just give a modern shine to a home. Houses can demonstrate their era immediately when adorned with a popcorn ceiling from previous years. In other cases, the removal of the popcorn ceiling is necessary because some popcorn ceiling may contain asbestos, fibers that can be unusually harmful when inhaled.


Homeowners should not create a chaotic and dangerous error in the creation of the popcorn ceiling; believe the skilled experts at A1A Popcorn Ceiling Removal.

Scrape the harmed roof region with security glasses. Dust off any residue remaining. Select the correct patch for the prepared region (trimmed to width if necessary). Leave the patch back, exam suit by positioning the patch over the repair region.

Scrape the harmed roof region with security glasses. Dust off any residue remaining. Choose the patch that finest suits the prepared zone (size-cut, if necessary). Leave the back on the cloth and check the cloth over the restoration region.

Put the sticky side of the patch in the repair area beginning with the outside edge. Press in and smoothly press the cap gently.

We are Trusted Professionals

Get peace of mind knowing you have trusted professionals who submit estimates for the removal of popcorn ceilings. Our network of painting experts has years of expertise. You can write client feedback in complete while discussing projections.

Our Popcorn Ceiling Removal Miami painting providers can handle all initiatives, from large to tiny, and provide guidance on removing the popcorn ceiling. We will help to facilitate the process by finding the right specialists for your project.