Popcorn ceiling removal West Palm Beach: Danger’s Paradise

Popcorn ceiling removal West Palm Beach can be pleasant and it can be painful. As Popcorn ceiling removal experts, we have seen many, many poorly done popcorn ceilings. These ceilings, when done poorly, can lead to a host of issues. As such, we have made it our mission to remove any and all popcorn ceilings we can with a vengeance. To some, this may sound a tiny bit weird, but we know full well the dangers it can pose to a family’s health. As such, here are some of the dangers popcorn ceilings have that you might not be aware of.


Some people may not be aware of this fact, but many of the older homes with popcorn ceilings may contain trace amounts of asbestos. Asbestos, while not widely used after the 1980s commercially, can still be found in many popcorn ceilings to this day. As popcorn ceilings were widely used, and still are to an extent, there is no telling whether you or your family is at risk. Asbestos has been linked to respiratory and neural functional issues. Popcorn ceiling removal West Palm Beach that deals with asbestos should only be done by an expert.


Due to the rough texture and inconsistent nature of popcorn ceilings, they make the perfect breeding ground for mold colonies. With the inconsistencies of the surface, mold has an easy time growing while being incredibly irritating to remove. As such, mold has an excellent environment to breed should the conditions suit its needs. Breeds like black mold are especially aggravating to remove and spread its sore easiest due to the difficulty in removal.

Structural failures

While it was used as a decorating device during its hay day, many contractors used popcorn ceilings to hide unsavory or sightly blemishes during construction. Predominantly, this included unfinished plastering or waterproofing, meaning that underneath the popcorn coating may be growths of mold or dampness. As such, popcorn ceiling removal West Palm Beach can reveal the truth of what exists underneath.

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