Many older houses have rooms with popcorn ceilings, which were once popular. It got its name because it shaped like a popcorn bowl. It is also called acoustic ceilings because of its sound effect. The trend peaked in the 1980s. Now, popcorn ceilings date like nothing else to a room or home. The residents want to remove it and call for an expert. They look to our affordable Popcorn Removal Delray Beach.

Residents of Lake Worth have found that Popcorn ceilings not only date a room but also build up dust and webs and are difficult to clean. The ceilings offer a smaller look to a room. Removal is especially important if a residence is placed on the market. Because popcorn ceilings minimize the perceived value. Another common reason for the removal is for residents who want to look more contemporary in their homes. Our popcorn ceiling repair company is Popcorn Removal Delray Beach.

Popcorn ceilings are a long, dirty job to remove. The system effectively breaks it off. But this must be done carefully to prevent damage to the drywall. Professionals with expertise in removing popcorn ceilings easily complete the task. And then clean the mess completely without disturbing the activities of a household.

Trained, Licensed and Effective!

Complications in removal can occur. Pre-1980 popcorn ceilings can contain asbestos. If this is suspected, a check is required and if it is positive for asbestos, skilled removal using special techniques is absolutely necessary. Asbestos fibers are a dangerous threat to the health of a family and people should live elsewhere during their removal.

Popcorn Removal Delray Beach is your business for the professional removal of the popcorn ceiling. We have been trained, licensed completely and effectively.

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