It cannot be understated as to why you should have your popcorn ceiling removal. Not only does it prevent the risk of asbestos exposure and other problems. Including asbestosis, lung cancer and mesothelioma, but it brings about a whole host of other additions. From cash savings to better prices and appearances. Let’s go over some of the reasons as to why you should get a popcorn removal job done today and the value it can bring to your home.

Painting is easier

If you want a new paint job done on your walls or ceilings but have a popcorn ceiling, consider getting a popcorn removal specialist in first to get rid of it. The reason for this is that due to thIf you are looking for popcorn removal to be done professionally in ​Pompano Beach all the way to West Palm Beach for either commercial or residential, we are able to provide this service!e difficult texture of popcorn ceilings and paints, it is really annoying to paint over or around. It requires more time and is incredibly more paint consuming and often requiring more than one layer to finish

Cleaning is easier too

With painting or anything that requires working around the little bumps, it can be incredibly frustrating to clean or work around. The bumps and the like accumulate dust quickly and to get to it is painful beyond all belief. Trust me, my grandma used to have us clean it and ohhhhh boy, did we hate it.

Home is easier to sell and rent

Popcorn ceilings make your home harder to rent or sell, if you attempt to, you won’t get the full benefit out of it. They can decrease the value of your home. From anywhere between 1 to 8%, when talking tens to hundreds of thousands of dollars, it can really add up.

Have no fear, however, we are here to help. Professional Popcorn removal specialists, contact us today for a free quote and to see how we can help you.