A1A Popcorn Ceiling Removal

If you are ready to begin a reconstruction and restoration plan with the ancient style of textured ceiling for many years now but wish to change, the first stage would be the installation and use of a contracting company to remove the old popcorn surface. Some of the gouges in the drywall could be patched and you can call Popcorn Ceiling Removal Miami for cleaning the finished room.

Once these steps are finished, the new ceiling will be installed and applied. While you could take this route, a less time consuming and expensive solution would be to look at options for covering the popcorn ceiling in Pompano Beach.

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Although it saves time and money to finish a texture ceiling, it is useful to inspect the surface and asbestos. Asbestos were commonly used in popcorn until 1978, dust particles became airborne and highly toxic when they were scraped away from cancer. Popcorn wall at Pompano beach.

Nevertheless, if the asbestos were not disrupted, there would be no danger. If this type of situation is met by the drywall ceiling finish, it is important to use a qualified and licensed specialist.

One option is to spray fresh material straight over the old ceiling. This would allow you have a stunning textured ceiling and the roof could be even painted according to the form of spray used on the material. This obviously helps you to select different ceiling colors for a more tailor-made feel. The upgrade would be immediately noticed, offering the space a new look.

Removal Prices

Popcorn ceiling could also be lined in concrete in Pompano Beach material. The plaster can be applied by way of a medium-sized stucco trowel. When dry, this also offers a lovely surface which can be left as it is or many colors in the space can be seen as warmth and personality.

We also advise that you leave the premises after working hours. There are many gloves, caps, bags, equipment and ladders not used for our customers ‘ jobs so our team works efficiently to complete the project on time. If you can not make other arrangements, please contact your project manager.

Vary from $0.60 cents per square foot to $2.75, but some popcorn ceiling removal providers do not only base rates off the square footage.

What is the cost of removing popcorn ceilings in Pompano Beach is expensive, so call Popcorn Ceiling Removal Miami for a free quotation today.