Once Popcorn Removal Delray Beach strip popcorn from the ceilings and cover them with knockdown texture. We also use a knockdown texture on the inside walls. At an additional cost, you can choose to have a smooth/slick surface on your walls or ceilings, but the process takes more time and effort to achieve high-quality performance.

Knockdown texture isn’t just an inexpensive improvement to your house, it can be implemented promptly. Whether your home is fully furnished or free of charge (lower cost). We take all necessary precautions to keep your home and furnishings clean and safe.

After your home is covered, we begin to scrape the popcorn and then smooth/slick or spray it. Minor drywall repairs are usually without an extra charge. But we provide the complete drywall repair package at very competitive prices when the repair is substantial (this cost is always in the original proposal, so there are no surprises).

Professional Popcorn Removal!

Popcorn ceiling was very common years ago, but it is now being removed. If you want to upgrade the inside of your home, your popcorn ceiling can be replaced first. This creates a more modern feel in your house.

Popcorn Removal Delray Beach provides the residents of Delray Beach with professional popcorn ceiling removal services. Our experts have a detailed process to remove your popcorn ceiling successfully without damaging the roof structure.

Popcorn ceilings are one of the most common outdated features in homes in the country. Popularized in the 80s, popcorn ceilings are no longer seen as desirable by most homeowners and can offer an extremely dated look.

If you tire of the popcorn ceilings of your home, the team of experts at Southern Sky Painting will replace them. We are committed to providing specialist popcorn extraction, surface application, and painting services to our clients at Boynton Beach.

Once your popcorn ceiling has been removed completely, our professional Delray Beach dry-wall repairs can also help you install a new type of ceiling in your home.