Asbestos is dangerous

Here at A1A Popcorn Removal, our primary goal centres around the removal and extermination of popcorn ceilings and walls. Not only because they are a relic of a passed century, but also for the dangers it holds over us and our families. Need a Popcorn ceiling removal Parkland expert to come in and remove your popcorn ceilings?

Popcorn ceilings may appear safe and relatively harmless, but they are always more of a disadvantage wherever they may be. If your home or property has popcorn ceilings or wallings, it is imperative that you take proper precautions before proceeding to removal. There are may dangers that popcorn ceiling removal Parkland may have should the popcorn contain asbestos. We recommend hiring an asbestos testing service to determine if your ceilings may contain it.

If your home or property has had it for more than 20 years, there is a high likelihood it will.

The Dangers

Asbestos can present several dangers to you and your family. Popcorn ceiling removal A1A Parkland should be done by an expert and only by an expert. Asbestos, as many of our dear readers may know, has been banned for several decades now, with the implementation of the Clean Air Act of 1978. However, because contractors were allowed to use existing stock within inventories, these materials continued to appear in houses through the mid-1980s. This has lead to many homes and buildings around America still containing existing asbestos walling and ceiling.

If you think your home may contain asbestos popcorn ceilings or wallings. Call us today for a free quote on all things popcorn ceiling removal Parkland. We are here to assist you in any avenue possible. So call us today and get a free quote on your popcorn ceiling removal Parkland.