Popcorn ceiling removal West Palm Beach comes with an incredible host of benefits beyond simply removing a possible asbestos trap. While the threat of asbestos (banned in residential and commercial use since 1978 under the Clean Air Act of 1978) is the main drive for many to have their popcorn ceiling removed. There are many other benefits for those simply looking for that little extra push to start their popcorn ceiling removal West Palm Beach projects. And you should get those popcorn ceiling removal West Palm Beach projects going. While it was quite popular and prevalent for its time. It has become more of a nuisance and eyesore in today’s design climate. If you need an expert popcorn removal service. Call us for more info and to see how we can help you! So here is a quick list of reasons to remove that dusty and cracking old popcorn ceiling you’ve had since you moved in!

It’s incredibly tacky

Like we said; while it may have been the height of class for its time that time has come and gone. In a climate that favors classic, clean and crisp aesthetic designs, the rough appearance of the textured paints and installs are simply a no-no. If you are thinking about a remodeling or redecorating project, consider getting popcorn ceiling removal done as well.

Popcorn ceilings damage market value

Believe it or not, but popcorn ceilings and walls can decrease the value of your home. It can also decrease the likelihood of a sale being made. While this is partly due to the asbestos danger. Once more, it is also due to the rather crude appearance and high maintenance it requires as well. It is also just tacky and cheap looking, and no one likes that. So avoid all that and more and get the best popcorn ceiling removal West Palm Beach service money can buy out and remove ASAP! We here at A1A Popcorn Ceiling Removal, we offer the best services and prices you’ll find. With years in the field and experience, we are here to serve you and serve you well! Call us today for a free quote or leave your details online and we’ll contact you!