Never Scrape It Off

Our customers sometimes confess to trying to remove popcorn ceilings themselves. Not only by scrapping it, but by removing it without any preparation with a sander or wall file. You and your health can be extremely dangerous. There are a variety of reasons, but microparticles floating around after scraping are the most pressing.

We must reiterate before we continue that we do not accept professional removal of Popcorn ceilings. A professional will do it most safely, which is always the way it will be. It is understandable, but it is not the best DIY project you can do, if you knowledge and practical experience. The danger is high, so take a professional ceiling removal specialist into consideration; do not jeopardize your health for saving some cash.

Why is that harmful?

There are numerous reasons to have an asbestos risk and exposure expert in the removal of the popcorn ceiling. The use of asbestos was as common as it is now rare in terms of its use. This also makes a method of removing popcorn ceiling so dangerous with the simple non-preparation scraping. The capacity of asbestos to affect human health and the damaging nature of airborne systems is well known. Asbestos It may lead to severe diseases such as asbestosis, lung cancer and mesothelioma by inhaling asbestos dust. The loss is chronic and changes in life, so please warn us not to participate in removing the damage.

Popcorn ceiling removal experts are known to remove popcorn ceilings and therefore to be the expert. Popcorn ceiling removal experts. To have the removal done, it is always best to contact a professionals. It is the fastest and least dangerous removal method that is publicly available. Their instruments, training and methodologies enable them to do their best without harming their actual homes or health.

Contact us today for help if you need a Popcorn ceiling removal at an affordable price and faster than you can blink. Our friendly consultants answer all your questions and help you on all possible avenues. We are the best, so work with us and never forget about it.