Contains asbestos

Have you ever heard about asbestos? Popcorn Ceiling A1A is here to give you a quick summary, if you haven’t, very, very dangerous. They’re banned from commercial use in the vast majority of the world, asbestos has been associated in severe cases with many neurological and respiratory diseases and even death. Sadly, asbestos was a key and popular ingredient in premade popcorn ceilings and wall coverings and textured paints during the height of the popcorn ceiling fab. Although nearly 40 years have passed since then, in the US alone there is still an unknown number of homes that might have asbestos in their ceiling painting.

They Can Do More Damage Than You Think

As such, your popcorn ceiling could jeopardise you and your family. Dangerous and tacky? Why is it done then and then and now a popular go-to for many construction contractors? Well, this is why.

It makes a great popular mask at the time due to its ease of installation and popularity. Popcorn ceilings quickly became a trend that contracting firms and their ilk were soon to abuse. If there were unsightly defects, a layer of popcorn ceiling and paint could and would easily hide it. And it was more than just a few layers that they hid. Water damage, unfinished plastering, layering that was poorly done, you name it, and they probably tried to hide it. Riviera Beach has revealed many of these cover-up jobs in popcorn ceiling removal and trust us when we say; it’s not pretty.

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